June 29, 2011

._.sad yueyue needs a hug._.

 hye peeps!

..huhu i'm a sad panda now..

..i'm trying to be SUPERnice..EXTRApositive..
..everythg seems to hard for me..

..dear yueyue..
 ..we don't need to rush things..
..if something's bound to happen..
..it will happen..
..in the right time..
..with the right person..
..and for the best reason..
.believe it.

 p.s : ..with a heart so weak..maybe LOVE was just never meant to me.. 


Anonymous said...

...be strong...i know u can do it...ai ai ai...:D

ai-me lee said...

nek..sy sentiasa ada untuk kami..kaunter sy x penah tutup

Yuyu Salleh said...

anon..ho ho ho..i can do nothing.. ;p

ame-chan..makaseh cu!..rasenye..kalo my heart stop beating...baru tak rs 'kesakitan' tuh..huhu