May 15, 2011

._.tabiat sebelum tido._.


..think and think..
..u noe wut..
..I do a lot of THINKING b4 I go to SLEEP..
..I ask myself a lot of questions..
..I make plans for the next day..
..I create my future..normally sad story with a happy ending..
..I think of sygss..(all the people I MiSS)
..I think of YOU..(the ones I hate..ouh sorry!)


p.s : the stupidest mistake in life is thinking the one who hurt you the most, won't hurt you again..repeating the old same mistakes all over again..huhu~


Anonymous said...

everybody make mistake.... even the same mistake..... so chill girl.. dont let the sadness let u down. everyone deserve to be happy

Yuyu Salleh said...

ngeee thanks cik dunno-who! ^^

Anonymous said...


aisya ecah said...

nurul suke berangan tyme tdo..heheheheheeee

cikstoberikiss said...

berangan is my part time job la ecah..hehe